Eduma Education theme nulled wordpress themes v5 Download Free

Eduma Education theme nulled wordpress themes v5 Download Free

With various add-ons, such as Sorting Choice Question Type, Content Drip, myCRED, Random Quiz, Co-instructors, Paid Membership Pro, bbPress Forum, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Stripe, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout, Certificates, Collections, and Gradebook, Education WP is flexible and SEO-friendly.

This WordPress plugin offers a variety of add-ons, including Sorting Choice Question Type, Content Drip, myCRED, Random Quiz, Co-instructors, Paid Membership Pro, BBPress Forum, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Stripe, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout, Certificates, Collections, and Gradebooks.

eduma mobile left

An adaptable and SEO-friendly option, Education WP comes with various add-ons such as Sorting Choice Question Type, Content Drip, myCRED, Random Quiz, Co-instructors, Paid Membership Pro, bbPress Forum, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Stripe, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout, Certificate, Collections, and Gradebook.

With a variety of add-ons, including Sorting Choice Question Type, Content Drip, myCRED, Random Quiz, Co-instructors, Paid Membership Pro, BBPress Forum, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Stripe, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout, Certificate, Collection, and Gradebook, Education WP is an SEO-friendly and adaptable option.

Among its many add-ons are the Sorting Choice Question Type, myCRED, Random Quiz, Co-instructors, Paid Membership Pro, bbPress Forum, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Stripe, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout, Certificate, Collections, and Gradebook, as well as Content Drip, myCRED, and Random Quiz.

eduma elementor

Aside from Sorting Choice Question Type, Content Drip, myCRED, Random Quiz, Co-instructors, Paid Membership Pro, bbPress Forum, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Stripe, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout, Certificates, Collections, and Gradebook, Education WP has numerous add-ons that make it an adaptable and SEO-friendly choice.

Several add-ons make Education WP an SEO-friendly and adaptable option, such as Sorting Choice Question Type, Content Drip, MyCRED, Random Quiz, Co-instructors, Paid Membership Pro, bbPress Forum, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Stripe, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout, Certificates, Collections, and Gradebooks.

eduma wooCommerce new

The Education WP plugin includes a variety of add-ons, including Sorting Choice Question Type, Content Drip, myCRED, Random Quiz, co-instructors, Paid Membership Pro, bbPress Forum, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Stripe, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout, Certificate, Collections, and Gradebook, among others.

eduma stripe new

Various add-ons, including Content Drip, myCRED, Random Quiz, Co-instructors, Paid Membership Pro, BBPress Forum, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Stripe, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout, Certificate, Collections, and Gradebook, make Education WP an adaptable and SEO-friendly solution.

eduma cetificates

This WordPress plugin has a wide range of features, including Sorting Choice Question Types, Content Drip, myCRED, Random Quiz, Co-instructors, Paid Membership Pro, BBPress Forum, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Stripe, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout, Certificates, Collections, and Gradebooks.

This school WordPress theme offers various alternatives for creating a one-of-a-kind website, with at least 20 pre-made template homepages to choose from. Learning Center courses, Training Center, Language School, University, College, School, Kindergarten and many more demos coming soon!

Great demo importer included in Education WP theme.

This amazing feature will automatically install any new theme you purchase.

To get started, choose Tools > Demo Importer.
For their WordPress-based education website,

some themes take advantage of the theme’s built-in LMS. LearnPress, the most popular WordPress learning management system (LMS) plugin, is integrated with the Eduma Education WordPress theme.

This gives you a number of advantages, including the fact that it’s not tied to a particular theme and can be updated independently of the rest of your site.

Within minutes, you’ll have an online learning platform comparable to Udemy, Coursera or EdX.

Using Education WP, you can install all the addons in the premium LearnPress addon package.

Sort multiple choice questions.

Drip content.

myCRED integration.

Random test. Co-coach.

Paid Pro subscription integration.

bbPress forum integration.

BuddyPress integration.

WooCommerce integration.

Integrated stripes.

Authorization integration.

Net. 2Checkout integration.

Certificate. Collection.

Score book.
Like Elementor, Revolution Slider, Font-Awesome, Isotope Commercial Licensing, etc., this is part of the theme and not a bonus, giveaway, discount or extra gift. Due to its size and the fact that some users may not need all of its additional features, it is delivered this way so that users can choose which ones to install.

Are you afraid of the weight of a complex LMS? If you’re worried about LearnPress, don’t worry.

Any LearnPress plugin can be turned on or off whenever you want. Having support features in your web host that you won’t use is a waste of resources.

Google gives a higher rating to fast loading websites.
Education WP is the most adaptable educational WordPress theme ever and it’s about to get even better with the upcoming stable 1.0 upgrade to LearnPress.

You may be interested in the following options:

Search your entire course or blog in seconds with this professional AJAX search bar.

Program Manager drag and drop makes it easy to create courses, programs, sections, lessons, and quizzes. It works with multiple multiple choice question formats, including multiple choice, true/false, short answer, paragraph, picture choice, and more. The option to accept payments online or offline, plus a seamless connection to WooCommerce. Full isolation mode.

Built-in test timer. Accept course assessment.
Drag and drop course builder
Eduma Education WordPress Theme is a time-saving WordPress theme built with course, learning and training websites for educational institutions and institutions.

The drag and drop program that makes it easy for anyone to create courses and themes is also fully conceived as an ideal SEO solution.

Download Now

Save your money

Save total $500/year compared with purchasing all LearnPress Premium Add-ons.

Theme Elementor Kit$49.99Free

Eduma – Education WordPress Theme is the ultimate WordPress theme for creating a customized education website that aligns with your vision. With its diverse range of pre-built templates and layouts, Eduma makes it easy to create a professional-looking website tailored to meet the specific needs of your educational institution. The theme’s compatibility with LearnPress and WooCommerce ensures an optimal e-learning experience while providing eCommerce support for selling courses, merchandise, or any other product.

Eduma – Education nulled wordpress themes   is a multipurpose theme, and you can use it for school, college, universities, online training, or for selling courses. It’s up to you why you want an educational theme. You can use this theme for marketing your courses also.

LearnPress integration is one of its most impressive features. This powerful LMS plugin for WordPress seamlessly integrates with Eduma – Education WordPress Theme, making it easy to manage courses, quizzes, and assignments directly from your website. With features like student management, course analytics, and payment integration for selling courses online, LearnPress provides everything you need to create a comprehensive e-learning platform.

Eduma – Education WordPress Theme

Eduma - Education WordPress Theme - 5 Eduma - Education WordPress Theme - 6Zoom Integration Eduma 5.0 Education WordPress theme - Trusted by 19K customers Education WordPress theme - Premium demos includedEducation WordPress theme - Using LMS plugin LearnPress Education WordPress theme - Drag and drop page builderEducation WordPress theme - Woocommerce supportEducation WordPress theme - Fancy eventsEducation WordPress theme - 1 click demo importer Education WordPress theme - 5 stars customers review

20+ Education Demos plus 1 click Demo Importer

With 20+ different and unique demo homepages, this education WordPress theme gives you options to build your own, one-off site. More demos will be coming soon, for every educational purposes, including: Courses Learning Hub, Training Center, Languages School, University, College, School, Kindergarten …

Demo accounts (Username/Password):
• Learner: student/student
• Instructor: instructor/instructor

Education WordPress theme - Our demos


Education WP theme comes with the amazing Demo Importer. This beautiful feature will do the theme installation job for you straight out of the box. Just go to Tools > Demo Importer, and off you go!

Free Demo Install Education WordPress Theme

Eduma - Education WordPress Theme - 7 Built with #1 WP LMS Plugin – LearnPress

LearnPress 3.0 - More Powerful, Flexible, and Magical

Other themes use the built-in LMS feature, right inside the theme, for their WordPress based Education website. Education WP theme uses LearnPress, the #1 WP LMS plugin on – the official WordPress Plugins Directory, which offers you a whole lot of benefits, such as: easy to update, independent from the theme, easy to change theme or update in future. You will be able to make Udemy, Coursera or Edx education websites in minutes.

Using Education WP, you can install all add-on in a pack of LearnPress premium add-ons.

  • Sorting Choice Question Type.
  • Content Drip.
  • myCRED Integration.
  • Random Quiz.
  • Co-instructors.
  • Paid Membership Pro Integration.
  • bbPress Forum Integration.
  • BuddyPress Integration.
  • WooCommerce Integration.
  • Stripe Integration.
  • Authorize.Net Integration.
  • 2Checkout Integration.
  • Certificate.
  • Collections.
  • Gradebook.

(This is not a bonus, gift, rebate or an additional freebie as it is included in the theme as part of the theme, just like Elementor, Revolution Slider, Font-Awesome, Isotope Commercial license , etc. But since it’s large and many of its add-ons may not be necessary to some, it is given this way so you can choose which one to install on your own.)

A little afraid of a heavy Learning Management System? LearnPress will put your mind at ease. You can enable / disable any LearnPress add-on at any time. It’s not smart to let your web server carry the extra weight of features that you will never use. The faster website speed, the better your Google ranking.

With the upcoming stable version 1.0 being updated to LearnPress, Education WP is absolutely the most flexible WordPress education theme ever. Here are some features you might be interested in:

  • Professional AJAX search box to search courses or blog posts in seconds.
  • Super easy Drag & Drop Curriculum Manager: courses, curriculum, section, lesson or quiz can be easily built from just one screen.
  • Compatible with many quiz question types: multiple choice, true or false, short answer, paragraph, image choice, etc.
  • Multiple payment choices including PayPal, Stripe,, 2Checkout, Offline and integration with WooCommerce.
  • Distraction free mode.
  • Quiz timing built-in.
  • Course reviews supported.

» Drag & Drop Course Builder

Specially designed as a WordPress site for school / university, or for a course / learning / training education site, Education WP is an optimized solution to save time. With the Drag & Drop curriculum, courses couldn’t be easier and more simple to build, and the theme is also highly developed as a perfect Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solution.

Education WordPress theme

With the Drag & Drop interface, creating online courses is as easy as A, B, C! Shortcuts are also implemented, to make the instructor’s life effortless when building new lessons, new quizzes or questions.

» Selling courses directly through PayPal, Stripe,, 2Checkout or Offline payment

This education WordPress theme uses the LearnPress plugin, which not only supports WooCommerce but also includes 4 other payment methods: PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout and If you’d rather not make your web server support a whole e-Commerce system with WooCommerce, there are 5 payment gateways available for selling courses: PayPal, Stripe,, 2Checkout and Offline payment.

Update: In August 2016, we added two more premium LearnPress payment plugins for free: 2Checkout add-on for LearnPress, Authorize.Net add-ons for LearnPress. These will give you a variety of pricing option for your website, make it easier for your learners to register and to pay.

» Selling courses Subscription / Membership with Paid Membership Pro integration

Take all advantages of the membership plugin: Paid Membership Pro to easily sell membership on your education website with Paid Membership Pro add-on, a Premium LearnPress Add-on on ThimPress website.

Paid Membership Pro selling courses membership

» Easily manage the commission rate for each course

One of the newest updates of LearnPress’s Premium Add-on is the commission add-on for LearnPress. It acts as a commission rate management system that allows you to decide how much can author, lecturer earn for every course purchase. This way, the online course website for your school, your university or your educational center is one step closer to being professional E-learning websites like Udemy, Lynda or Coursera.

» Selling courses with or without WooCommerce

If a complete eCommerce system, using WooCommerce, is not a problem for your web server, Education WP with WooCommerce can customize the purchase process for you, so that it’s easy to manage customer course purchases.

» Course discussion with bbPress

Provide a discussion forum for each course, between instructor/teacher and enrolled learner/student. Now, learning can be fun and games, rather than a grueling mission.

bbPress forum discussion for Education WordPress Website

» Building a Learning Community with BuddyPress

If you want to create a social education website, with a vibrant learning community, then Education WP is ready to go, with all the advantages of BuddyPress.

Drag & Drop Page Builder – Easily Create Professional Pages with no Coding Knowledge

Elementor Page Builder are the best page builder out there, trusted by million of websites, with the amazing features of letting you build your website in minutes.

In the past, Education WP uses the most popular, lightweight and powerful Drag & Drop page builder on the official WordPress plugins directory – SiteOrigin Page Builder. This is due to the technical heavy load of Elementor plugin at the time, and because we want your website to be as fast and lightweight as possible.

Recently, thanks to the relentless work of the people in the team, we now successfully both integrate Elementor page builder and #1 trending Elementor with the theme, and reduce improve site’s speed at the same time.

This is a very big improvement because you will be more flexible when creating your web pages according to your imagination. The theme now not only loads fast, but also works very flexible  :)

Everyone knows that Google loves a fast loading website!

We are so proud that Education WP is the only premium theme which supports all those 3 most popular page builder plugins.

Premium Plugins Included in Education WP You’ll Get with The Theme:

  • LearnPress premium add-ons: all the premium add-ons include in theme, You can install it in your WordPress Dashboard -> Eduma -> Plugins.
  • Elementor Page Builder: ultimate plugin for building every WordPress site without coding. The only WP Page Builder that powers 1+ million sites.
  • Slider Revolution: create beautiful sliders and contents with Slider Revolution. The #1 premium slider WordPress plugin – slider is integrated seamlessly into Education WP to display contents of any kind, with high customization, animation, effects and best quality.
  • Isotope Commercial license: a fancy filter and sort magical layouts jQuery library. It’s free to use in a non-ecommerce website, but if you are going to sell courses, you usually have to pay for a license. We bring this beautiful piece to you for free.

** For more info on how our bundled plugins work, check out this article.

Data Portability is a MUST

As a web agent, we know that people won’t use the same theme forever – sometimes you want/need to update your theme, or change to the latest trending design. But such changes can mean that you lose your precious data. Education WP uses LearnPress – a popular LMS WordPress plugin on – so your data will be there when you move to another theme in the next decade ;) Not every theme on ThemeForest cares about your data, but WE DO!

New Update – GDPR Ready – LearnPress LMS and Eduma is now compliant with GDPR.

So the day has come and it’s our honor to announce that LearnPress is now GDPR compliant. You can check more information about GDPR Ready and LearnPress LMS here

Pixel Perfect Education WordPress Theme

SAY NO to outdated, ugly design and sloppy themes (unless you don’t want a professional education website). Every pixel on our educational WordPress theme has been developed with pixel perfection in mind. Just look at the live demos to see for yourself how detailed, elaborate and truly pixel perfect it is.

UI/UX Optimized for an Education Environment

Save users time with Smart AJAX Search for Courses: help your learners find the courses they are looking for, in no time.

Smart Sticky Sidebar: ensure the permanent appearance of the sidebar, in case the main content is too long. Your education site will look more beautiful, and be easier to navigate.

Attract more learners with Sticky Course Enroll Toolbar: the sticky course enroll toolbar is always there to catch the attention of learners and motivate them to participate in more courses.

Bottom Call to Action for better conversion: look at the bottom of each Education WP demo – a stunning Call to Action has been implemented, to increase your chances of turning a visitor into a learner.

Branding your Education Website without Coding Knowledge

Education WP theme for Learning Management Systems and education contains an easy and visual customization, so you don’t have to worry about coding but can spend your precious time on the eLearning content.

Changing colors to match your brand: this education WordPress theme comes with unlimited colors. You will have thousands of way to change the appearance, according to your preference and your brand.

Select from 700+ fonts: 700+ fonts are available for you to choose from. Pick up any from the Google Fonts library to suit your own style.

Logo on pages pre-loading: we’ve created this feature for a better UI – page loading in Education WP will never be boring for users. You are free to change the logos as you wish.

Fancy Events

The helpful events plugin is ready to use, with an attractive countdown to events.

Event management: events are separated into Expired, Ongoing and Upcoming events, for full control and to make sure your users never miss out.

Selling Event Tickets: Selling Event Tickets: allows people to buy tickets and participate in your events via the built-in online ticket booking form. The form even provides insights into how many slots are taken for each event and how many slots are available to ease the booking process.

Create eCommerce site with WooCommerce

In case you want a shop feature for selling products, such as books and learning materials, Education WP is ready for you. The theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce.

Education WordPress Theme with WooCommerce support

Fully Multilingual Education Site & RTL Support

It is really easy to bring your education and LMS site to a global market because Education WP theme fully supports multi languages with WPML, Polylang and QTranslate. More than that, the theme also supports Right-To-Left (RTL), in order to handle and respond to users who communicate with a right-to-left language.

Amazing Mega Menu

Education WP uses Mega Menu to offer an amazing navigation experience for users, because this menu can display many different options at a time. Icons, pictures and typographical hierarchy can be used to make scanning easier. It also allows for efficient, hierarchical organization and grouping.

Mobile-Friendly WordPress Education Theme

This education WordPress theme is made with full mobile support, which means your site will not only display perfectly on the web but also on mobile. With a responsive design and retina ready display, your site will look awesome on any device. Users can take courses on the web and on their mobile devices as well. This function is sure to bring you more traffic.

Mobile-Friendly Education WordPress Theme

Ultimate SEO Optimization

Using Education WP is a great way to get your education website ranked significantly higher on search engines. All titles, headings and meta tags have been carefully optimized, just the way that Google likes it. Structured Data is implemented deeply, to make your site look appealing in Google search results. We have not only coded for blog posts, but for WooCommerce products and LearnPress courses too.

Structured Data for SEO

Faster Loading for Better Google Ranking

Your education business means nothing without traffic. From day one, we have been continually optimizing every bit of the code to make sure it has fewer requests, fewer database queries, less CSS & JS and loads faster. With new version, our highest priority is to find ways to make it better.

Fast Education WordPress Theme

It’s not a joking advertising. Let’s see the how fast Education WP is in action Education WP Speed Test on Pingdom Tools

5 STAR Customer Service

Having been established since 2007, we understand that customer service is the key to success for online business. You will be making a smart decision to go with Education WP theme for your educational website, and you won’t be disappointed with our customer service – GUARANTEED!

Education WP Theme at a Glance

Education WP (Eduma) is a Multi purpose Modern Clean and Creative WordPress theme suitable for education, school, college, institute, university, online learning and training. Education WP has been proof to be a long-time best-selling education WordPress theme. It even comes with a Learning Management System – LMS plugin with many premium add-ons, something most other education WordPress themes cannot compete with. If you are looking for a great education WordPress theme that can help you build a great website with dozens of features and demos for you to choose from, Eduma is the best choice for you.

  • LearnPress WordPress LMS Plugin by ThimPress on
  • Brilliant LMS Courses Management with Units/Sections, Lessons, Quizzes – link to YouTube video how to create a course.
  • LMS Course Collection – combine particular courses into collections.
  • LMS Course Review/Rating.
  • Free Course, publicly accessible course support.
  • Lesson Management with powerful WordPress Core Editor improved to support: video, attachments in any type of media
  • Quiz Management with multiple Question Types.
  • PayPal, 2Checkout, Stripe, Offline Payment Methods integrated. PayPal allows payment by credit cards or PayPal balance, Stripe allows payment by credit card, and Offline payment convenient for receiving payments through offline methods. More on the way!
  • WooCommerce support as a shop solution and/or selling courses over WooCommerce.
  • Paid Membership Pro support.
  • Easily manage the commission rate for each course
  • Co-instructors – multiple instructor support for each course.
  • bbPress support – for private course discussion between instructors.
  • BuddyPress support.
  • Student Profile.
  • Instructor Profile.
  • Student Certificate on course completion.
  • Under Construction / Coming Soon / Maintenance Mode feature: Secure your education content with Maintenance Mode. We know that building a LMS site requires a lot of time, so we have integrated a built-in Under Construction / Maintenance Mode. This allows you to build and customize the site online, without worrying about information being leaked.
  • Amazing and lightweight Drag & Drop Page Builder.
  • Contact Form 7 ready: The layout of this form is customized to match the design of this Education WordPress Theme.
  • MailChimp for WordPress: A sign-up method your LMS WordPress theme site.
  • Highly Performance Optimized: Your site will load before your customers lose interest.
  • Highly SEO Optimized with Microdata: Perfect on-page SEO optimization for courses, blog posts, blog archives, WooCommerce products, WooCommerce archives, bbPress forum topics, BuddyPress activities. Google loves it.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Your LMS WordPress site with Education WP is mobile-friendly.
  • Post formats: Standard, Audio, Gallery, Image, Link, Quote and Video.
  • Built on latest Bootstrap 3 & Font-Awesome 2: making front-end of Education WP faster and easier. Size, color, drop shadow – anything is possible with the power of CSS.
  • Style has written by LESS CSS and compiled in WordPress Customizer, making this education theme loads faster.
  • Useful right drawer which is extremely helpful to use with login or any kind of widgets.
  • Flexible Shopping Cart widget to put in top toolbar or right in the top menu.
  • Drag & drop layout manager: Allows you to create custom layouts for your content. Configure every element: logo, header, slide show, page content, sidebars, footer and more without touching the code. Assign custom layouts to any page or post.
  • Sidebar generator: Generate as many sidebars as you need for Education WP.
  • Unlimited footers: Plenty of footers are waiting in our education theme for WordPress for your selection.
  • Unlimited layouts for your front page, post, page, login page, and even Custom Post Type.
  • Unlimited color schemes: You can select any color and decorate your education WordPress site to every corners.
  • Unlimited layouts and templates.
  • Self-hosted HTML5 video player.
  • Custom audio player.
  • Google Fonts support (600+).
  • RTL support to make this WordPress Theme for Education work perfectly with Arabic, Hebrew, … languages.
  • Retina ready: Education WP will look great on any devices.
  • Translation ready (.po/.mo file support): support Education WP to be translated into multiple languages.
  • WPML ready, for your multilingual education WordPress website.
  • One click DEMO data importer: Get your Education WordPress Theme installed at the click of a button.
  • Amazing Mega Menu.
  • Education WP child-theme includes.
  • And so much more!

Frequently Updated Education WordPress Theme

See our Roadmap and Changelog for Education WP as well as our LearnPress WordPress LMS Plugin to see how active we are in developements and improvements. You don’t want to use outdated themes, plugins with a careless design, performance or code quality. We never stop improving our products and services.


  • More demo for Kindergarten (DONE on v2.x), Internal Training Center, Primary School, High School, Onepage.
  • Add Coupon add-on for LearnPress.
  • Add Tax add-on for LearnPress.
  • Add Affiliate add-on for LearnPress.
  • Add Paid Membership Pro add-on for LearnPress (DONE on v2.3.1).
  • Add Commission add-on for LearnPress (DONE).
  • Add MemberMouse add-on for LearnPress.
  • Add Filtering for Courses by category, free/paid courses, course price range, course level, …
  • Add Front-end Course Editor add-on for LearnPress.
  • Add Advanced Statistics add-on for LearnPress.
  • Add Tin Can API add-on for LearnPress.
  • Add SCORM add-on for LearnPress.
  • Add Adobe Captivate add-on for LearnPress.

Education WordPress Theme Changelog

Eduma - Education WordPress Theme - 8Eduma - Education WordPress Theme - 9
Eduma - Education WordPress Theme - 10Eduma - Education WordPress Theme - 11
Eduma - Education WordPress Theme - 12Eduma - Education WordPress Theme - 13


Version 5.2.9 – 06-07-2023

Fixed: style in single lesson (Sidebar can't close) in version LearnPress 4.2.3
Update: change style icon Add To Wishlist in single Course layout 2

Version 5.2.8 – 04-07-2023

Fixed: Duration Info not show in version 5.2.7

Version 5.2.7 – 15-06-2023

Update: out of date file WooCommerce
        Update: file language eduma.pot
        Added: New layout for widget Course Category
        Fixed: Remember login in widget login not working

Version 5.2.6 – 31-05-2023

Fixed: Status progress bar for RTL
Fixed: Line active in menu not show

Version 5.2.5 – 11-May-2023

Fixed: Custom CSS in customizer not working version 5.2.4

Version 5.2.4 – 08-May-2023

Update support Upsell Add-on for LearnPress
Update optimize CSS

Version 5.2.3 – 10-Apr-2023

Update: Style Rating with plugin LearnPress – Course Review 4.0.7
Fixed: something style  in single course

Version 5.2.2 – 21-March-2023

Fixed: Warning: call_user_func_array () expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function
            ‘learn_press_course_meta_primary_review’ not found when don't install plugin course review

Version 5.2.1 – 15-March-2023

Fixed: Account page price in wp event manager
Fixed style course review

Version 5.2.0 – 27-Feb-2023

Fixed: Request rest passsword
Fixed: Style widget Icon box with SiteOrigin
Update: Change count items of course

Version 5.1.9 – 9-Feb-2023

Add support Learnpress Instamojo Add-on for LearnPress
Fixed: Filter of portfolio with category not working
Fixed: Style Rating in single course
Fixed: Missing captcha page checkout of paid memberships

Version 5.1.8 – 17-Jan-2023

Fixed: PHP Deprecated: Function Elementor\Widgets_Manager::register_widget_type width last  Version of Elementor

Version 5.1.7 – 06-1-2023

Fixed: change icon lever of membership not working
Update: Responsive of page Membership Levels

Version 5.1.6 – 22-12 -2022

Fixed: some text cannot be translated
Added: Import 4 new university demos

Version 5.1.5 – 14-12 -2022

Added: Live Course Add-on for LearnPress
Fixed: some minor bugs CSS

Version 5.1.4 – 25-11 -2022

Update: out of-date file LearnPress
Update: out of-date file WooCommerce
Update: Change icon breadcrumb to arrow
Change: Icon Course Readmore
Fixed: Login Popup slow
Fixed: purchase/enroll course when click show popup login/register

Version 5.1.3 – 04-10 -2022

Update and change layout menu mobile
Update out of date file WooCommerce
Fixed: missing notice when config Buy courses via Product
Fixed: fix text items in course progress not translate
Fixed: some minor bugs CSS

nulled wordpress themes

comes with a variety of add-ons that help in making a website completely dedicated to education. It has an intuitive drag-and-drop course builder interface and is integrated with PayPal, stripe, etc which makes it easy to sell courses. So why wait? Start using Eduma today to create an amazing learning experience for your students!

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