plugin Keyword Tool for WordPress: provides keyword suggestions based on Google Autocomplete 2024

plugin Keyword Tool for WordPress: provides keyword suggestions based on Google Autocomplete 2024

plugin Keyword Tool a specific plugin described functionality. However, there are several keyword research plugins available for WordPress that leverage Google Autocomplete and other data sources to provide keyword suggestions. One such plugin that offers similar features is “Keyword Tool.”

Keyword Tool is an external service that offers keyword suggestions based on Google Autocomplete. While it doesn’t integrate directly into the WordPress dashboard as a plugin, you can use it by visiting their website and entering your target keywords to generate relevant long-tail keyword ideas.

Once you’ve generated a list of keywords using Keyword Tool, you can seamlessly integrate them into your content within the WordPress editor.

plugin Keyword Tool :

  1. Visit the Keyword Tool website.
  2. Enter your target keyword or topic into the search bar.
  3. Explore the generated list of long-tail keyword suggestions.
  4. Select relevant keywords and incorporate them into your WordPress content.

Keyword list. Wordpress Keyword Tool works as a wordpress keyword research plugin that lists most used keywords for any specified keyword

Add keywords as tags. if you wanna use the relative keywords as tags simply check keywords and add as tags

Watch density. WordPress keyword tool works as a WordPress keyword density plugin just specify what keywords to watch density and WordPress keyword tool will check it’s percentage on the post helping reaching best density using WordPress keyword density checker.

in-time suggestions. while you write the keyword to get relative keywords suggestions will appear to choose from by wordpress keyword generator

in-time density values. as a wordpress keyword density monitor it calculates values instantly saving your time so it is the best wordpress plugin for keyword density

All languages are supported. as a quality wordpress keyword search plugin it now supports all languages

All Google sites are supported. you can set what Google site the plugin uses to get keywords from so it is the right WordPress keyword plugin for google

Responsive 100% ajax wordpress seo keyword research plugin

24/7* Support look no further it is the right wordpress focus keyword and wordpress keyword checker

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What buyers say?

Wordpress Keyword Tool Plugin - 6

How to install ?

– Extract downloaded file from codecanyon you will find a folder called “www” . open it and you will find .zip file which is the right plugin file that should be uploaded to WordPress.

Need Support ?

Wordpress Keyword Tool Plugin - 7The plugin include free support . Got a problem ? don’t worry we have a help desk setup just for your help . submit a support ticket and we always happy to help make you happy choosing our plugin
Please contact me before rating the item so we can fix any issue together. also if you have any question feel free to ask  :) .


– Version:2.3.3 (14 August 2020)

  • Fix: Updated to work with WordPress 5.5

– Version:2.3.2 (6 December 2019)

  • Fix: Compatible with PHP 7.3

– Version:2.3.1 (26 November 2018)

  • Fix: Latest version of Yoast SEO conflicted with the plugin and caused it to stop working, now sorted.

– Version:2.3.0 (27 August 2018)

  • NEW: Gutenberg support
  • Fix: Minor UI fixes

– Version:2.2.0 (5 May 2017)

  • NEW: custom post types support
  • NEW: add tags now works with any post type

– Version:2.0.1 (11 August 2014)

  • SSL/HTTPS support .

– Version:2.0.0 (3 FEB 2013)

  • Addes support for all languages .

– Version:1.0.5 (16 OCT 2013)

  • bug fix : checked items now get added as tags without problem
  • bug fix : checked items now get watched as density without problem

– Version:1.0.0 (16 AUG 2012)

  • Initial release

WordPress keyword Tool 

works as WordPress keyword suggestion tool which will help you know keywords people are using to search so that you can target, it also will help you target these keywords the right way by checking keyword density ensuring that your article is search engine friendly and keyword optimized.

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