Download Yoast SEO Pro WordPress Plugin Free V 4.0

Download Yoast SEO Pro WordPress Plugin Free V 4.0

Smooth plugin for WordPress SEO content improvement Yoast SEO WordPress plugin is often used by those who want to increase the appeal of their content and attract more visitors. With a friendly layout and individual parameter settings, it is also one of the most flexible CMS platforms on the market.
The basic version of Yoast is free to install.
Main uses and functions This Yoast SEO WordPress plugin is embedded right below the main text editor.It shows many parameters like keyword, total word count, title length (in characters) and recommended article.The color coding system makes it quite easy to see which metrics are met and which may need improvement.This system also analyzes link recommendations, outbound hyperlinks and even images. Side benefits Yoast SEO WordPress plugin is also available as a premium version.It offers users additional features such as unique content, automatic technical settings, ability to redirect from legacy URLs and dedicated customer support staff in case of a problem or query.Technical issues such as meta descriptions and responsive HTML requirements are also taken into account when using the premium version of Yoast.


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Download Yoast SEO Pro WordPress Plugin Free V 4.0 we expliaue What exactly is Yoast SEO Premium plugin?

Yoast SEO Premium is a well-known WordPress plugin that helps webmasters optimize their WordPress sites for search engines.

Characteristics Optimization of posts and pages This is the bread and butter of the Yoast plugin.

Yoast makes it easy to add titles and description tags to WordPress pages and posts.

There is also a “snippet preview” of how your page will appear in Google search results.

To be fair, more and more WordPress themes allow you to write titles and meta descriptions in the post and page editor.

But the good thing about Yoast is that you can keep all your page metadata…

even if you change themes. problems Yoast displays the SEO issues it finds… in your WordPress dashboard.

As you can see, Yoast found no SEO issues.

Yoast SEO Pro

However, if Yoast encounters problems, you will be notified. Social maps Creating social media maps can be a huge hassle.

After all, each social network (such as Twitter and Facebook) has its own rules and criteria regarding character limits and image size.

Open the social function of Yoast.

It allows you to easily create social cards in your WordPress editor. This is actually how Backlinko creates social maps.

I’m a little biased, but I think our content looks good when people share it.

When you subscribe to Yoast Premium, you can preview how your content will look when shared on social media, even before publishing.

Content optimization This function is divided into the following parts: Readability: This determines the readability of your text (and provides tips to improve your writing).

Keyword: This is where you give Yoast a “keyword”…

This will also help you optimize your posts around that term.

This is one of the few features of Yoast that I don’t like.

Why? Because it’s really looking at old-school SEO criteria that aren’t relevant anymore (like keyword density).

And I’ve talked to several WordPress SEO newbies who are working hard to get “all the green lights”…

despite the fact that keyword stuffing can do more harm than good.

Having determined that: This section also contains some very useful tips.

For example, Yoast will notify you if your page or post has an SEO-friendly URL.

So if they removed the keyword frequency and keyword length information, this feature would be quite useful. Cornerstone Material: A new Yoast feature that lets you tell Yoast,

“This is the best thing we’ve ever written.

” When you post new posts, Yoast makes sure they link to your cornerstone content. Webmasters Resources This feature allows you to control your Google Search Console account.

Improved Here you can add a “no directory” tag to pages and posts, as well as create main tags and change robots.txt settings.

Internal binding This is a premium Yoast feature designed to make internal linking easier.

This is how it works. First, you usually write a blog post.

Yoast then searches your page for terms and phrases that you can use to create internal links to other pages on your site.


Site plans Yoast is my go-to sitemap tool.

Yes, there are several standalone plugins available that can generate an XML sitemap for you.

But why install another plugin when Yoast does the same (if not better) job?

Look for an arrangement Here you can change many general settings of your WordPress site.

General: You can choose how you want to separate your page title and site name from each other.

You can also change your homepage’s SEO settings from this page.

Content Types: You can set the default settings for all your WordPress pages and posts. For example, you can deindex all your messages. Taxonomies: Create rules for WordPress category pages, tags, and more.

Archive: Set rules for your author pages in the archive (including my choice: none).

Navigation Path: Helps you create a navigation path for your website.

RSS feed: Settings for your blog’s RSS feed.

tools Here you can import or export your SEO data as a group and make mass updates to your site pages instantly.

You can also find Yoast SEO Premium as a free download online.


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